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New Patient Experience

The New Patient Experience – a Co-discovery process

Every person is different and has her/his own challenges, values, goals, and time and financial constraints. In order to best guide someone, down the path of wellness, it is important for us to learn as much as possible about our patients. It is also important that patients learn as much as possible about us… and themselves. This idea is known as the co-discovery process and is achieved through our New Patient Experience.

The New Patient Experience involves two separate appointments. 

First Appointment

The first begins in a comfortable and relaxing environment (away from the dental chair), where questions are asked by us to better understand what it is that concerns you, your perception of your current state, past experiences, fears, and what it is that you want to achieve. Some people have faced a lifetime of challenges and struggles or may have deep-seated subconscious fears toward dentistry, and it is important for us to be empathetic, non-judgemental, and listen to what it is that you are truly telling us. Others are fortunate, have had fairly good experiences with dentistry, and simply want to discover an integrative, functional, or more holistically-inclined approach to achieving and maintaining oral (and overall) health.

After the interview, we discuss and explain our health model and general concepts of our approach to achieving oral health. The remainder of the appointment is spent in the dental chair performing a thorough evaluation of the patient’s current state. Records are gathered in the form of clinical observation, X-rays (when indicated), and photographs.

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Second Appointment

Once all of these records are obtained, Dr. LeBlanc spends time outside of office hours, reviewing notes from the interview, your medical and dental history, and studying X-rays, and photographs, in order to create a custom Review of Findings presentation.

This presentation is the focus of the second New Patient Experience appointment. This is a time for you and Dr. LeBlanc to discuss your current state, factors that are detracting from your oral health, possible pathways to address these factors, and time and financial considerations for achieving these different pathways. It is important to realize that the only purpose of the entire New Patient Experience is simply to educate so that you can make decisions based on what it is that YOU want. We help people achieve levels of wellness consistent with their own goals and values.

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