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Holistic Dentist near Birmingham, AL

The goal of holistic dentistry is to treat dental conditions in the frame of how the patient’s whole body is impacted with the understanding that no bodily system operates alone. This is in stark contrast to how some other dentists operate by looking at teeth as though they exist in a vacuum compared to the rest of the body. Holistic dentistry in Birmingham, like the services provided by LeBlanc Dental, seeks to treat each patient as an individual with unique health goals and histories. Real healing can only happen via the complete acceptance of the body’s interconnected components in the process. 

LeBlanc Dental Provides Holistic Oral Care

Our holistic dentistry practice around Birmingham, AL, concentrates on procedures that are mercury-free. As a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, LeBlanc Dental is trained and certified to work on the mouths of patients who might have these potential hazards already implanted inside of them. We perform extractions of mercury fillings under professional, controlled conditions that keep everyone safe. The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, or SMART for short, is an IAOMT-approved method for removing crowns that are mercury-based along with mercury amalgam fillings. The result is an improvement in patient quality of life thanks to increased total-body wellness. 

Holistic Oral Care as a Component of Total-Body Health

If your local dentist places emphasis on total-body health, your treatments will be more impactful as a result. Over time, holistic health care will decrease the odds of succumbing to diseases like dementia, respiratory issues, cancer, heart disease, and more. We only use biologically-friendly dental materials so as to avoid potentially harmful toxins contaminating your body and marring your image of health. LeBlanc Dental will also remove your existing silver or mercury amalgam fillings and replace them with more biocompatible materials. We’re able to improve your lifestyle habits such as your nutrition, digestion, sleep hygiene, and more. 

Our Staff and Patient Education

Our highly-trained staff of dedicated dental professionals nearby are experts in the field of holistic dentistry and are committed to improving patient wellbeing. In our cooperative, educational setting, patients will be helped to achieve their health goals by implementing best practices that integrate into daily life that also impacts dental hygiene. We embrace education as a lifelong process, and our staff consistently educates themselves on the best practices of what’s possible in the field of holistic dentistry in Alabama and beyond.

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The long-term health of your teeth and gums will have an impact on your quality of life for the rest of your life. Depending on how you handle them, they can either be a source of illness or vitality. When tailoring your oral hygiene action plan, it’s our goal to have you walk away with more than a pretty smile. It’s our goal to have you living your best life full of vibrancy and happiness. 

If you’re interested in our philosophy about holistic dentistry and would like to schedule an appointment, contact our staff today via phone or email to take back control of your total-body wellness! 

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