Holistic Dentist near New Orleans, LA

Holistic Dentist New Orleans, LA

Holistic Dentist near New Orleans, LA

The goal of holistic dentistry in Louisiana is to treat dental conditions through the lens of how the entire human body is interconnected through complex systems. This is opposed to the limited scope of simply looking at individual parts, which limits total healing. Holistic dentists around New Orleans, such as LeBlanc Dental, appreciate the value of total-body wellness and understand that each patient is unique. Everyone has different medical histories, dental records, and health goals. That’s why true healing can only occur with a gestalt understanding of how oral health impacts the body’s many other systems and vice-versa. 

LeBlanc Dental Provides Holistic Oral Care

Our holistic dentistry practice near New Orleans, LA, focuses on procedures that are mercury-free and mercury-safe. LeBlanc Dental is a proud member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and is certified to work in the mouths of patients that have potentially hazardous materials. We perform mercury-safe extractions under controlled conditions, following the IAOMT-approved Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). By removing mercury amalgam fillings and metal-based crowns, it’s our goal to improve our patients’ lives and increase total-body wellness. 

Holistic Oral Care as a Component of Total-Body Health

If your dentist places value on total-body wellness, treatments are more likely to have greater impacts for the better. Over time, holistic dentistry lowers the odds of succumbing to conditions like respiratory illness, cancer, dementia, and even heart disease. We only use biologically-friendly dental materials in our practice, removing silver and mercury amalgam fillings and replacing them with ones that avoid potential toxicity. LeBlanc Dental also seeks to help patients improve their overall lifestyle habits like sleep hygiene, diet, digestion, and more alongside traditional dental services. 

Our Staff and Patient Education

Our talented staff consists of motivated, highly trained individuals who are experts in the field of holistic dentistry and are dedicated to helping patients reach their goals. In our cooperative, educational setting, patients are educated on the practices that will best benefit their specific situations. Daily lifestyle modifications are emphasized in order to better or maintain proper dental hygiene. We appreciate that the acquisition of knowledge is a lifelong practice for both patients and staff, and our goal is to always present the best science-backed facts regarding holistic dental care in Louisiana and beyond. 

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The wellness of your oral health will have a cascading impact on the rest of your body. Depending on how it’s cared for, your mouth can either be a source of well-being or sickness. When customizing an oral hygiene action plan, it’s our aim to deliver patients more than just a pretty smile. We want you to live your fullest life possible full of health and vibrance. 

If you’re keen on LeBlanc Dental’s philosophy about holistic dentistry and would like to set up an appointment, reach out to our staff today via phone or email, and take back control of your overall health! 

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