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Holistic Dentist near Hattiesburg, MS

Central to the philosophy of a leading biological dentistry clinic is the concept that dental health should be considered within the broader scope of an individual's total health. This approach to holistic dental care moves away from treating the body in isolation, instead addressing comprehensive health issues. At LeBlanc Dental, we understand that each patient brings a unique set of health experiences, dental history, and personal health goals. Our commitment is to thoroughly grasp these aspects for authentic healing.

LeBlanc Dental Provides Holistic Oral Care

We take great pride in our holistic dental practice near Hattiesburg, MS, where we offer both mercury-safe and mercury-free dental treatments. As certified practitioners of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), our expertise includes handling patients with harmful metals in dental restorations and safely conducting removals in a controlled setting. Using the IAOMT-endorsed Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART), we expertly remove metal crowns and mercury fillings, significantly improving our patients' overall health and life quality.

Holistic Oral Care as a Component of Total-Body Health

Integrating total wellness into your dental care plan can yield deeper, more lasting results. Adopting a holistic healthcare approach may greatly reduce the likelihood of developing other serious conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, dementia, and respiratory issues. At LeBlanc Dental, our use of biocompatible materials, including mercury-free fillings, ensures your body's safety from harmful substances. Beyond regular dental services, we also offer advice on lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, and digestion to further promote your health.

Our Staff and Patient Education

Our team in Slidell consists of passionate, expertly trained holistic dental professionals dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. In our supportive, health-centric environment, we educate on maintaining optimal oral health and robust dental hygiene practices. This strategy not only improves your dental health but also your overall wellness. We are committed to ongoing education for our team, ensuring our treatments remain at the forefront of holistic dental care in Louisiana and beyond.

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The condition of your teeth and gums has a direct impact on your overall health, with potential positive or negative outcomes. With a skilled biological dentist formulating your treatment plan, our aim goes beyond just enhancing your smile; we focus on improving your life quality.

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Just a short drive from Hattiesburg, MS, LeBlanc Dental's Holistic Dentistry office provides mercury-safe and mercury-free dental services.

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