Holistic Dentist near Mobile, AL

Holistic Dentist Mobile, AL

Holistic Dentist near Mobile, AL

Holistic dentistry aims to treat dental conditions with regard to how the whole human body is impacted and how its systems are intertwined with one another. This is in contrast to the restrictive scope of only looking at individual parts. Holistic dentists like LeBlanc Dental, which is less than 2 hours away from Mobile, AL, understand that each patient is a unique individual with an equally unique health history, dental track record, and future wellness goals. True healing can only occur through a total-body understanding of these holistic components. 

LeBlanc Dental Provides Holistic Oral Care

Our holistic dentistry practice, which is less than a two-hour drive away from Mobile, AL, centers around mercury-safe and mercury-free procedures. As a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, LeBlanc Dental is certified to work on the mouths of patients that have these potentially dangerous metals inside them and perform safe extractions under professional, controlled conditions. The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, or SMART for short, is an IAOMT-approved strategy for extracting metal-based crowns and mercury amalgam fillings that has seen large improvements in patients’ quality of life and total-body wellness. 

Holistic Oral Care as a Component of Total-Body Health

If your dentist values your total-body wellness, your treatment will become more comprehensive and impactful. Over time, holistic healthcare will lower your odds of encountering other detrimental illnesses such as dementia, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory illnesses. By only working with biocompatible dental materials, including mercury-free fillings, to guard your body against potential toxins. We can remove your silver or mercury amalgams and replace them with biologically-safe materials. LeBlanc Dental can also aid you in improving your lifestyle habits, such as your nutrition, sleep habits, and digestion, alongside all expected dentistry services. 

Our Staff and Patient Education

Our talented staff consists of dedicated, highly-trained holistic dentistry professionals who are committed to helping patients achieve their best treatment results possible. In our healthy, supportive setting, patients will be educated on the practices that will optimize their oral health and give critical information regarding maintaining proper dental hygiene so that their total-body wellness improves. We understand that continuing education for our staff will always keep our science-backed treatments at the forefront of the finest dental care in Alabama and beyond. 

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The health of your gums and teeth will have an impact on the rest of your body, creating a knock-on effect that will trend either positively or negatively depending on how it’s guided. When customizing your treatment plan, we aim for more than getting you that perfect smile you’ve always wanted; we want you to live your best life possible. 

Interested in learning more about LeBlanc’s philosophy of holistic dentistry or want to schedule an appointment at our Slidell office? Reach out to our professional staff via email or phone today, and take back control of your total-body wellness! 

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