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One of the best ways to keep your teeth and mouth as healthy as possible is to prevent dental problems before they have a chance to occur. As you may have guessed, this means brushing and flossing regularly, and seeing a dentist every six months. Still, even individuals who practice immaculate oral hygiene may develop dental problems, including cavities.

Dental sealants are a simple and effective preventative dentistry treatment that both children and adults can benefit from. Sealants are thin coatings that are painted over the grooves of teeth to protect them from the bacteria that eventually lead to cavities and decay. Dental sealants are safe, effective, and available at the practice of biological dentist Dr. LeBlanc, Jr.

How Dental Sealants Work

Dental sealants protect the pits, depressions and grooves of teeth from food particles and plaque that brushing and flossing may miss. They are commonly placed on the back teeth (molars), which are harder to clean. Dental sealants are bonded onto the chewing surfaces of these teeth, not only sealing out food and plaque but also making the teeth smoother and thus easier to brush thoroughly.

Dr. LeBlanc, Jr. often recommends children get dental sealants as soon as their permanent molars have grown in. But patients of all ages can benefit from sealants as they are a quick and easy way to protect the teeth. Not only do they minimize the risk of cavities, they also help the patient avoid invasive and costly dental treatments in the future.

Dental Sealants Treatment Details

Slidell Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are applied in a short and simple dental visit. First, Dr. LeBlanc, Jr. will clean the teeth thoroughly. He then opens the grooves of the teeth slightly. This allows him to see if there is any bacteria or decay present. If so, he will remove it. Opening the grooves also allows for the sealant to better reach the deeper areas of the tooth. Dr. LeBlanc, Jr. will apply a slightly acidic solution that will allow the sealant material to adhere more strongly to the teeth. He will then paint a thin layer of sealant coating onto the grooves and fissures of the teeth. The coating will be clear or white in color, so it will not be noticeable in the mouth. Once the sealant has been applied, Dr. LeBlanc, Jr. will use a curing light to bond it into place.

While dental sealants do not require special maintenance, they should be checked regularly by a dentist. With proper brushing and flossing, dental sealants can last for many years. They can also be reapplied routinely for optimal protection.

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